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Can You Fire an Employee with HIV?

December is not only for Christmas. It’s also World Awareness Month. Now is the best time to talk a growing question among employers: can you fire someone with HIV? When you’re facing a discrimination lawsuit from someone with the illness, you can request arbitration and mediation services. The conflict can stem from misunderstanding. It also helps

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Adopting a Child

Things to Consider Before Adopting a Child

Whenever two people get married, family planning is something that is always discussed. Some couples may want a few children. Some would want a bigger family with four or more children. And there are those that do not want to have any children at all. Family planning is essential if couples want to prepare for

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Boomerang Relationships: Reconciling After Divorce

Marriage is a covenant that most people enter when they believe that they’ve found their life partners. For many married couples, that remains the case for the rest of their lives. Some marriages progress in a downhill manner, however — the relationship turns stale, sour, or quite grim.  Fortunately, there’s a way to get out

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What Being Left out of a Will Does to a Family

When people get left out of a will, they get hurt. They cut ties with the family. Some may never speak to their parents or their siblings ever again. How would you feel if you were left out of your parents’ will? What would happen if all your siblings got an equal share of the

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Driving Safely During Rainy Days

Being on the road on bad weather could be a source of stress while driving. A torrential downpour could cause accidents to happen. Everett, on average, experiences 41.6% of rain every year. Their wettest month is in November. With this month fast approaching, it is helpful to take note of some reminders when driving in the rain.

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How You Can Prepare to Move to Another Country

Moving to a new home is already a challenging task. Living in another country will make the process more complicated on so many levels. However, you might have to move if you plan on working for an international company. You might also consider residing in a foreign land to follow your dreams. For whatever reason

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#FriendshipOver: Why You’re Likely to Lose Friends After Divorce

One thing most people don’t know about life after divorce is the struggle to cope with the reality of losing friends. Yes, it’s not just your romantic relationship going south when you formalize your break-up — your social circles can spiral downward, too. If you’re still going through the court proceedings, it may be difficult

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Co-parenting: Ways to Make It a More Positive Experience

Co-parenting, sometimes referred to as shared parenting, is the experience of raising a child by parents who are not married, who are living separately, or who have gone through a divorce. The whole process is fraught with emotions that the thought of having to do anything with an ex may seem unmanageable. But for the

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Getting Your First Auto Insurance: What You Need to Know

You’ve never had an accident nor a motorcycle injury that required you hiring an attorney to sue someone. You also never bothered to think about getting an accident or a motor vehicle insurance policy. Those were your young, free, and single days. Now, it’s different since the wife is six months pregnant, and you’re set

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