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How Companies Can Avoid Lawsuits

No matter who you are or what you do, nobody is exempt from being in an accident. For instance, you might be walking down the street when suddenly a drunk driver falls asleep at the wheel and hits you with his van or pickup truck. In such cases, the best thing to do is to

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Resolving Family Conflicts: Legal Strategies to Solve Issues at Home

Conflicts are common in the family as people can have major differences. Married couples clash, children end up resenting their parents, and siblings fight over the simplest things. These scenarios can happen often, and that’s normal. However, certain arguments cause too much stress and emotional damage to some family members. Others even suffer from injuries

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4 Things Every Investor Needs To Know

The international financial market is a labyrinthine system far too complicated for one person to understand, and trillions of dollars worth of financial instruments are traded every day. There’s no point in understanding how the nuts and bolts of the system work since it just keeps becoming more complex and opaque. That environment creates the

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Overcrowded Prisons: How It Impacts Health and Morale

How many prisoners are incarcerated in the United States, particularly in Utah? The Prison Policy Initiative provided an introspective 2018 data when it ranked states according to their incarceration rates if they were a country. Topping the list was Oklahoma at a rate of 1,079. This was way higher than the national average, which was

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Situations Where You Can Sue Your Employer

The year 2020 saw high profile cases of employees filing legal complaints against their employers. Amazon was accused of discriminating against a transgender man who happens to be pregnant. The man was allegedly refused promotion. Bloomberg was slapped with a legal complaint alleging the company has biased pay and promotion policies. They put women of color at

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Estate Planning: How to Create a Valid Will

Confronting mortality isn’t easy for everyone, which makes even thinking of the inevitable very difficult for some people. But creating a will can offer assurance and peace of mind that your assets will be distributed according to your exact wishes. However, it’s also crucial to ensure that your will is valid. Requirements of a Valid

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